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High standard of Tools

JJ Installations has a high standard of what Power Tools, Hand Tools and Fixings must be on the Van

Any installer will know that the proper equipment not only saves you time, but ensures you deliver the correct quality on site. Yes skills are important but most skilled tradesmen ensure they carry the correct tools.

We see a lot of site installation teams who do not have the kit or fixings required to fit the job, mainly because they don’t know they need them. At JJ Install, we want to be able to tackle any scenario and ensure we complete the works, spend less time trying to get around an issue with poor quality equipment.

It saves us time over the year, and it keeps our clients happy.
And More importantly we believe it is important that distance ourselves from these installers. We don’t advertise what we carry for obvious reasons;

However, any client or potential client can request our current Kit List for each van, these is checked monthly by directors of the company to ensure ongoing compliance.