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JJ Installations is here to raise the bar in what you should expect, both in terms of attitude but also tools on the van and extensive knowledge of the job and products which is crucial to successful installations. Installations in my experience work best when the crews have the right attitude. With all of our teams we have either trained them directly ourselves or we have already used them for projects with excellent results.

We are not a company solely based in an office with no vision of what is happening on the ground but we are also not a company run from site, who have no care or regard for anything you need in the office. We understand and listen to best working practices.

Our success has always come from being a blend of the two services, and we think this is a vitally important difference we offer as a company. We firmly believe by making our clients succeed then we become more successful. We have no interest in short term gain on a project or job. We work with our clients to keep their clients happy, and of ten this results in the repeat business which fills up 80% of our workload.

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Raising the bar in what customers expect


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